Capabilities Cutting

Laser Cutting

Our years of experience in later cutting has proven to us that Bystronic produces the best and most precise metal fabrication equipment available. Our laser table allows us to cut up to 25mm thick steel, 20mm thick stainless steel, and 12mm thick aluminum with extreme precision. Our infrastructure allows us to make the most of the capacities of this machine providing you with the fastest possible turn-around on your parts orders.

The high efficiency of this machine keeps operating costs, and therefore your costs lower than other laser tables on the market. At 4400 watts of power, this machine is ready for a wide scope of materials up to an inch thick.

Rotary Axis Cutting

Our laser table is equipped with a rotary axis enabling us to cut a wide variety of round parts. This includes conduit, pipes, and much more. We are able to take on product with an outer diameter of 0.59 inches (15mm) to 12.4 inches (315mm) with the same thickness flexibility as sheet materials.

Waterjet Cutting

We employ a Bystronic waterjet with an abrasive for projects that require a higher degree of precision, or for certain materials. This machine is able to pump 3 litres of water through a nozzle that is a staggering 0.28mm wide. The old idea of “like a hot knife through butter” truly applies here, except for the hot knife part. One of the key advantages of cutting with water is that there are no structural changes in the metal which can occur with hot cutting methods like laser or plasma. Another side benefit of waterjet cutting is that it is environmentally friendly but not burning gases, or creating gases that often result from super heating certain metals.

Waterjets are able to cut a wide variety of materials ranging from steel to bullet proof glass and more. We have cut steel up to 3 inches thick (76mm) with the machine able to cut some materials up to 7.8 inches thick (200mm) and a maximum weight of 3527lbs (1600kg). The flexibility of this tool may be able to help solve some manufacturing issues with cutting certain materials in various shapes and cutting very fine details. For more information, or if you would like to test the capabilities of our Bystronic waterjet, contact us.